It’s Officially Chicago Marathon Week!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the Tale of 2 Halfs. It may in fact be a dismal and rainy Monday in New York but it’s an exciting week as we leave for the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Thursday evening.

It’s been a long and difficult road for both of us this summer and unfortunately, only one of us will make it to the starting line. As we’ve already mentioned, Jen suffered a hip injury this summer that is preventing her from running her first marathon. She still struggles with the reality and disappointment of  not be able to race after months of training and I know it will be hard on her all weekend. She worked her butt off this summer and as her husband, I could not be more proud of what she accomplished before her injury. She proved to herself that she could reach new heights and push herself, mentally and physically, to places she had never been.

Inside I pray Jen comes back strong and healthy and has even more passion and determination next year to accomplish her goal. If she does, then she truly will “Own Chicago” in 2017.

As for myself, my 18 weeks of training is concluding and the last few weeks have been crazy busy. Unfortunately my days don’t slow down before we leave. I’ve missed some runs and a lot of sleep and my body is letting me know! I’m exhausted and sore. I’m trying to remain positive, trust my training and envision a strong race.

I’ll finish this last week with a total of 791.2 miles of training. This is 34.94 miles less than last year’s total of 826.14 but with one huge caveat. The 2015 Chicago Marathon was first marathon of the year, thus my marathon training didn’t start till June – although I had been running all year. This year, I ran the Buffalo Marathon over Memorial weekend and had already trained for 18 weeks starting in late January and logged 794.46 miles during that training period. Minus my two weeks of rest following Buffalo in early June, I’ve mostly been training since January and have logged 1,585.66 miles!!

A lot of sweat goes into preparing for these races, for myself and everyone who trains. But something I like to remind myself before each event is this: The race is the reward after months of training. The hard work is over. Enjoy the moment! 

See you from Chicago!!!

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