Time to Pack – One Week ‘Til NYC

Sorry it has been quiet on here for a while. After Chicago we haven’t had much of a break. Travis is still running and I have been increasing my running slowly, while we both have been incorporating new workouts for strength and core training.

Around the house, it’s been crazy trying to prepare for winter – which started early this week, get ready for Halloween with the kids and plan our weekend trip to New York. We’re looking forward to our final races of 2016 and are already looking ahead to 2017 – which is crazy to think about.

With the first weekend in November falling a few days later this year, this showed up in my time line today from last year.

I can say this – packing has not begun for this year’s races! I’ll be returning to the racing scene following my injury, with my doctors permission, in the Abbott Dash to the Finish 5k on Saturday, November 5th. This race will be just for participation, not going for any time goals. Travis will toe the line on Sunday for the 40th Anniversary of the NYC Marathon.

The conclusion of Travis’ training has not gone entirely smooth. Last weekend he took a spill 7 miles into his long run. Nothing was broken, besides his ego, but he suffered some road rash on his hands, elbows, knees, hip and back, along with a sore wrist from trying to break his fall. To top it off, he ruined a brand new long sleeve shirt from Holloway that got tore up in the incident.

A quick update on my hip injury: what was originally thought to be a labral tear turned out to be some severe inflammation brought on by muscle weakness in my hip/glutes/core. After some steroids to reduce the swelling I was sent for a 6 week stint at physical therapy. They’ve been working me pretty hard and as a result I’ve been feeling great! The focus has been strengthening while slowly building running time. When I first started PT I was only allowed to run for 3 minutes at a time and now with Denny’s help I’ve worked back up to 3 miles. I’m trying to trust the process and really focus on keeping my hip happy so I can continue to increase in mileage.

We leave for New Jersey on Thursday evening. You’ll be able to follow along on our Instagram! With any luck, we’ll finish the races healthy and not get lost in the subway!nyc-marathon-logo-2016

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