Catching up…

Good morning!

Things have been super quiet around here for the past couple months, so we thought we’d do a catch up post and let you all know what we’ve been up to!

Travis has been taking some much needed downtime since running Chicago and NYC back to back. He’s still been dealing with a slight groin strain so getting back into running has been a slow process. Since he’s not been running he’s been able to do a little bit of weight lifting in the mean time. He’s going to have to get back to training soon though, as he was accepted through the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon!


For the 2017 season Travis will once again be running for SLS3. The majority his spare time has been spent in the woods. He had a successful hunting trip to western New York at the end of November snagging two deer and he got extra lucky and was able to get a great looking buck right near home on his last day of hunting. He keeps telling me that the mount of the deer he’s having made will hang above our bed. I keep telling him he’ll be finding a new bed (just kidding…kind of).


I’ve still been plugging along post injury. I’m back to running on a regular basis and have been trying to build my base back up before starting to train for Syracuse. Making strength training a priority and focusing on form has made a major difference in my running and I’m really looking forward to seeing what next years races hold.

Speaking of races, we’re both still trying to finalize next years race calendar but are happy to say that we’ve secured spots for the Chicago Marathon with Team Up! with Autism Speaks once again. We’ve also begun early preparations for the third annual Piece By Piece 5K which will be once again presented by SLS3. Keep an eye out for more information! Also on my schedule so far is Ragnar Adirondacks. I’m still looking to add a few more races into my schedule…any suggestions?

I’ve also been busy playing hockey mom. Parker skates three times a week so we spend a lot of time at the rink. He’s made some great progress this year and is now skating on his own without the assistance of the walker or a chair. He learned to stand up without holding on now and finds it highly entertaining to purposely fall so he can practice his new skill.


Peyton has reached the stage where she’s into all things girly. She lives in a purple ball gown just about daily and loves having her hair done up with bows and when daddy paints her nails.


As always with this time of year,  we’re in full swing getting ready for Christmas. I’m on top of the game this year (for once) and have all of my shopping done and most everything wrapped already! The kids have been enjoying all things Christmas- decorating the tree, making cookies and visiting Santa…well Parker did at least. Peyton wouldn’t go within 5 feet of him.

I think that’s about it for catching up!

We’re linking up with Ho Ho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!


3 thoughts on “Catching up…

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  1. Yall have been quite busy! That is a pretty nice buck Travis has right there. 8 point? Is hunting season already over with there? It’s in full swing for us. Actually it ends usually right when rut is because of our weather. I wish it was longer.
    Thanks for joining in with us and catching us up! 2017 sounds like an exciting year for yall!


  2. It’s good to see you back on the Weekly Wrap! I ran Chicago and fell hard. Thankfully nothing was broken and I was able to finish. I did not put my name in for 2017. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had injuries and strains. I hope both of you are fully recovered now. I know you are enjoying your kids at this time of year. I miss having little ones in the house. Thanks for linking!


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