Friday Five 2.0 3/3 – Running Hacks

We turned a page in the calendar and suddenly its race month. We both have races this month with Travis first up on March 19th in New York City at the United Airlines Half Marathon and then we both run the Syracuse Half Marathon on March 26th. We’re looking forward to our races and publishing our first recaps of 2017!

But first, we’re talking Running Hacks on today’s Friday Five 2.0 hosted by Fairytales and Fitness and Running On Happy.

Track your shoe miles – You can do this as simply as writing the date of the first run in the shoes on the insole of the shoe. Other ways include using Garmin Connect, or using a device that clips right onto the shoe to track the miles on them.

Pick up last seasons model- Training for races can burn through running shoes quickly. To save money we tend to stick with the last season model of the shoes we wear. Right before the new model of the shoe comes out the last model will get heavily discounted. Sure, the color options might be a bit limited, but that’s definitely not a deal breaker. We always seem to get an e-mail from Road Runner Sports letting us know that a new model is coming and we can stock up while the sale is going on!


Deodorant is multi purpose!- In a pinch, deodorant makes a perfectly fine stand in for Body Glide! You can also use Vaseline or Aquaphor but deodorant is less messy!

Switch up lacing to fix shoe problems: This information was just given to me a couple weeks back. No matter how loose I’ve been tying my shoes they still felt tight on the tops of my feet. Another member of the Coterie suggested lacing my shoes differently. It was an instant fix! Here’s the full article with all of the info:


It’s interesting to learn new tricks that can either save money, or make running easier and/or more comfortable! Tell us: Whats your favorite running hack?



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  1. I always want to track my mileage for my shoes but it is always an after thought and I forget to do it. Luckily my Garmin keeps track of it now. I know I am soon due. I always like when the new model comes out in the shoes like so I can go get the older model. However, sometimes they do not have my size.


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