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Things have been super quiet around here for the past couple months, so we thought we’d do a catch up post and let you all know what we’ve been up to!

Travis has been taking some much needed downtime since running Chicago and NYC back to back. He’s still been dealing with a slight groin strain so getting back into running has been a slow process. Since he’s not been running he’s been able to do a little bit of weight lifting in the mean time. He’s going to have to get back to training soon though, as he was accepted through the lottery for the NYC Half Marathon!


For the 2017 season Travis will once again be running for SLS3. The majority his spare time has been spent in the woods. He had a successful hunting trip to western New York at the end of November snagging two deer and he got extra lucky and was able to get a great looking buck right near home on his last day of hunting. He keeps telling me that the mount of the deer he’s having made will hang above our bed. I keep telling him he’ll be finding a new bed (just kidding…kind of).


I’ve still been plugging along post injury. I’m back to running on a regular basis and have been trying to build my base back up before starting to train for Syracuse. Making strength training a priority and focusing on form has made a major difference in my running and I’m really looking forward to seeing what next years races hold.

Speaking of races, we’re both still trying to finalize next years race calendar but are happy to say that we’ve secured spots for the Chicago Marathon with Team Up! with Autism Speaks once again. We’ve also begun early preparations for the third annual Piece By Piece 5K which will be once again presented by SLS3. Keep an eye out for more information! Also on my schedule so far is Ragnar Adirondacks. I’m still looking to add a few more races into my schedule…any suggestions?

I’ve also been busy playing hockey mom. Parker skates three times a week so we spend a lot of time at the rink. He’s made some great progress this year and is now skating on his own without the assistance of the walker or a chair. He learned to stand up without holding on now and finds it highly entertaining to purposely fall so he can practice his new skill.


Peyton has reached the stage where she’s into all things girly. She lives in a purple ball gown just about daily and loves having her hair done up with bows and when daddy paints her nails.


As always with this time of year,  we’re in full swing getting ready for Christmas. I’m on top of the game this year (for once) and have all of my shopping done and most everything wrapped already! The kids have been enjoying all things Christmas- decorating the tree, making cookies and visiting Santa…well Parker did at least. Peyton wouldn’t go within 5 feet of him.

I think that’s about it for catching up!

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Weekend in the City

In the blink of an eye, the TCS NYC Marathon weekend is over and with it, our entire 2016 season. It was a fun filled weekend so let’s begin our recap. 

We left home Thursday night after dinner to begin our drive down to New Jersey. All was going well until a bad accident in the mountains caused us to get rerouted a hour out of the way, creating a long night. 

On Friday we woke up and hopped the train into the city. We started by seeing the finish line in Central Park and checking out the marathon pavilion. After some photo opportunities and exploring the pavilion for a while, we decided to start making our way across town to the marathon expo.

 As we were leaving Central Park, Jen became excited and starting tugging on my shirt saying, “Travis, look!” To our surprise, there was Meb Keflezighi standing on the sidewalk. We approached, giddy, and asked for a photo.

While we only took two or three minutes of his time, Meb seemed genuinely nice and gracious. He didn’t have to grant the photo opportunity, but we were sure glad he did because it made our weekend, and possibly our year. Watching him win the 2014 Boston Marathon the year following the horrific bombings inspired both of us to begin running. Many people may not know who he is, but in our house, he has motivated us. We have enjoyed watching him race the last few years and are excited for him to retire on his terms where it all began for him, in New York City in 2017.

When we arrived at the marathon expo, we both needed to collect our bibs – Jens for the Dash to the Finish Line 5k and mine for the marathon. Then it was time to enjoy the expo. With hundreds of businesses, merchants and races represented there was plenty to see and buy. A highlight for Jen was getting the opportunity to meet and talk to Kara Goucher at the Sketchers booth. 

We also had the opportunity to meet up with someone special we met last year in Chicago, Chis Beck. Chris (@irunforowen), an Abbott Six Star finisher, ran as part of Team Up with Autism Speaks for all six races last year and ran again this year with them for the NYC Marathon. We joined up for the afternoon finishing up the expo and had an excellent dinner together along with our close friend Brandon (@BLTCUBS).

The next morning came early as we had to travel back into the city for the  Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5k. After a one hour bus ride, twenty minutes on the subway, and a short walk we arrived at the start for Jen. I quickly gathered her belongings and made my way to 42nd street near Grand Central to watch the race. Chis joined me again as the race began and shortly thereafter Jen was running by.

Chris and I then took a subway to Columbus Circle and walked a short distance to the finish line area. We were able to catch Jen as she passed by shouting about a new PR. She finished her race pain free and with a new PR, so she was very excited.

Following the race, we found a spot on the upper west side to have breakfast and then walked around Times Square till around one. We decided it would be best to get back early to relax and we left the city for our train ride back to New Jersey. I won’t get into the logistical nightmare of he NJ Transit Authority doing track maintenance during marathon weekend, but suffice it to say we ended up on a city bus to get home.

It was a good two days and all that was left was the running of the five burroughs. Stay tuned to see how it went!

Time to Pack – One Week ‘Til NYC

Sorry it has been quiet on here for a while. After Chicago we haven’t had much of a break. Travis is still running and I have been increasing my running slowly, while we both have been incorporating new workouts for strength and core training.

Around the house, it’s been crazy trying to prepare for winter – which started early this week, get ready for Halloween with the kids and plan our weekend trip to New York. We’re looking forward to our final races of 2016 and are already looking ahead to 2017 – which is crazy to think about.

With the first weekend in November falling a few days later this year, this showed up in my time line today from last year.

I can say this – packing has not begun for this year’s races! I’ll be returning to the racing scene following my injury, with my doctors permission, in the Abbott Dash to the Finish 5k on Saturday, November 5th. This race will be just for participation, not going for any time goals. Travis will toe the line on Sunday for the 40th Anniversary of the NYC Marathon.

The conclusion of Travis’ training has not gone entirely smooth. Last weekend he took a spill 7 miles into his long run. Nothing was broken, besides his ego, but he suffered some road rash on his hands, elbows, knees, hip and back, along with a sore wrist from trying to break his fall. To top it off, he ruined a brand new long sleeve shirt from Holloway that got tore up in the incident.

A quick update on my hip injury: what was originally thought to be a labral tear turned out to be some severe inflammation brought on by muscle weakness in my hip/glutes/core. After some steroids to reduce the swelling I was sent for a 6 week stint at physical therapy. They’ve been working me pretty hard and as a result I’ve been feeling great! The focus has been strengthening while slowly building running time. When I first started PT I was only allowed to run for 3 minutes at a time and now with Denny’s help I’ve worked back up to 3 miles. I’m trying to trust the process and really focus on keeping my hip happy so I can continue to increase in mileage.

We leave for New Jersey on Thursday evening. You’ll be able to follow along on our Instagram! With any luck, we’ll finish the races healthy and not get lost in the subway!nyc-marathon-logo-2016

On your mark…

It’s that time of year everybody – race season! Tomorrow begins a stretch of 3 races over the next two months. I begin with the Lake Placid Classic (a half marathon tune-up), followed by the Chicago Marathon on October 9th and close out the year with the New York City Marathon on November 6th.

Lake Placid Classic:

I last ran this event in 2014 and finished  a respectable 18th overall in 1:37:50, my best time at this point in history.

I hadn’t trained then nearly as hard as I have the last two years and since this race in 2014 I have lowered my half marathon time to 1:28:50. I have ambitions to best this time tomorrow, giving me a large boost of confidence as I begin my taper for Chicago. I’m realistic that this may not happen and I’m just hoping to enjoy the event and finish healthy.

2016 Chicago Marathon:

IMG_1624My “Main Event” this fall, this will be my second Chicago Marathon in a row. This is a special event for the fact that I am a member of Team Up! with Autism Speaks and running on behalf of my son. I’m saddened to know that Jen is not able to run this race with me this year after all her hard work training and fundraising due to her injury, but she’ll still be going and participating in most of festivities.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t aiming for a PR. I have worked hard all summer in pursuit of this goal. 30 more days before I see if it was enough.



New York City Marathon:

0038tMy final event for 2016 is the biggest of all marathons. Last year I ran this event on short notice as a last-minute charity runner. I finished under 3:30 and was impressed that I even ran that fast coming back from a great run in Chicago only weeks earlier. I definitely have a lot more understanding and respect for this race course now and although I don’t anticipate aiming for a PR, I would like to improve on my time from last year.



Friday Photos

Today we’re headed back to New York as our vacation is over. We kept busy over the week and as always our time in Florida flew by. We had a great day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on Monday and the kids behaved amazingly but unfortunately, our day at The Animal Kingdom was rained out. We also spent a ton of time lounging by the pool with the kids. Our room at the resort provided the perfect view for viewing the Wishes firework show from our balcony!


We did not prepare a Friday Five post for today so we’re sharing some photos from our trip instead. Enjoy!

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