Welcome to 2016!

We would like to take a moment and say thank you to our readers for their support in 2015. We started Tale of 2 Halfs as a fun outlet – a place for us to ramble, vent, debate and enlighten. We are grateful for our engaging readers and glad you come back week after week.

Our family ended the year with a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The drive home never gets shorter and often gets tougher on us as the parents. We’re not able to stay awake as long as we used to! Both children did very well traveling given the circumstances with only the youngest giving us any grieve when she was hungry.

We made it home a little after 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve and got very little sleep as the kids were up early. Over the next few days we split our time between families to ensure everyone got to see us over the holidays. The kids loved getting to open presents all day long on Christmas and had to have each item removed from the packaging as soon as possible.

While we were home we celebrated each child’s birthday with family, friends, presents and of course cake.


We didn’t get any workouts in until after Christmas, nor did we workout as much as we would have liked given the holiday and birthday goodies. We used many excuses, some actually valid, to justify missing our workouts. Here is what we managed to do:


12/26 – 3.90 miles @ 7:42 pace

12/28 – 5.00 miles @ 7:16 pace

12/30 – 3.60 miles @ 8:16 pace

Yearly Mileage Total: 1,303.35

01/02 – 6.20 miles @ 8:00 pace


12/26 – 2 miles & 21-Day Fix Dirty Thirty

12/28 – 3 miles

12/29 – 3.50 miles

12/30 – 3 miles with 21-Day Fix Plyo & Abs

Yearly Mileage Total: 324.95

01/03 – 2 miles

As you can see, not much in terms of hard or difficult workouts. It was a shocker to both Jen and I when we totaled our yearly mileage the vast difference between us. It definitely shows just how much she compromised last year and why she’s going for a big goal this year.

We have begun our #RuntheYear challenge and although we are off to a slow start, we will be back on pace soon. To make things easier on us both this year, we are anxiously awaiting our new Proform Premier 900 treadmill. This should alleviate issues with the winter weather and shorter days and allow us to both get our runs in, if only on the hamster wheel!

What is a specific fitness challenge you have for 2016?

Weekly Wrap #2: 12/7 – 12/13

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To say that last week was a long week would be an understatement. Both kids were sick and then Travis got hit really hard. We had 2 trips to urgent care and Parker ended up missing an entire week of school. I managed to avoid it while everyone else was down but it would appear that I’m coming down with something now. In addition to all of the illness last week Travis had a planned hunting trip out of town for the weekend. He left Thursday morning and didn’t get back until late last night.

We’re linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap. Here’s a recap of our week: WeeklyWrap

Jen: I definitely didn’t intent to take 4 days off from running, but that’s just how this week went. Oh well, I’ll try again this week! The weekend was jam packed with social events. On Saturday we were actually double booked with different events.

Monday: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix + Abs

Tuesday: 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix

Thursday: 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 + Abs, 3 Game Volleyball match

Friday: 21 Day Fix Yoga Fix, 3 Miles @ 9:52 avg.

Saturday: 21 Day Fix Total Cardio Fix, Pilates Fix and Abs. On Saturday we also had the kids Christmas party for Travis’ work. Parker had a blast and loved talking to Santa!

Sunday: 21 Day Fix Upper Fix and Cardio Fix,  2 Miles @ 9:27 avg. We also had a baby shower to attend for a friend of mine on Sunday. Thankfully the kids were feeling better by the weekend and they enjoyed the time with their little friends!

Goals for the week: 5 Runs and finishing up my final week of the 21 Day Fix.



He was extremely sick and ended up taking the week off from any activity.

Goals for this week: Get back to feeling 100%, 4 runs


I’m hoping that I can kick whatever I’m coming down with quickly before we head to Michigan for the holidays next week.


Weekly Wrap #1: 11/30 – 12/7

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? December is always a crazy month for us and so far this year is no exception. Our weekends (and weeknights) have been quickly filling up with different Christmas events to attend. This week we’ve got two sick kiddos on our hands too which always makes life a little interesting. I swear, ever since Parker started school we’ve got some sort of bug around here every other week!

Today we’re joining in on the Weekly Wrap link up for the first time. The link up is hosted by Tricia and Holly!



Jen: I’m still focusing on base building before starting to train for the Syracuse Half Marathon next month. I also started my first round of the 21 Day Fix the day after Thanksgiving. It’s time to get rid of these last few baby pounds that have been holding on for dear life! I’m seeing some good results after one week and I’m loving the workouts too. They’re challenging but only 30 minutes long! I’m doing them in addition to running so I’ve tweaked the plan a little to account for the extra calorie burn on days that I’m running. I’m finding that I’ve been able to hold faster (for me) paces in the last couple of weeks, so hopefully I’m headed in the right direction for a PR!

Monday 11/30: 3 miles @ 9:45 avg, 21DF- Pilates Fix + Abs

Tuesday 12/1: 2 miles @ 10:00 avg, 21DF- Cardio Fix

Wednesday 12/2: 3 miles @ 10:01 avg, 21DF- Dirty 30 +Abs

Thursday 12/3: 4 miles Speed work @ 9:14 avg (1 Mi WU, 2 Mi: 1:30 hard effort, 1:30 recovery, 1 Mi CD), 21DF Yoga Fix and a 3 game volleyball match. This was a busy day!

Friday 12/4: 21DF Total Body Cardio Fix

Saturday 12/5: 21DF Plyo Fix + Abs- I’m still feeling this workout 2 days later!

Sunday 12/6: 2 Miles @ 10:15 avg, 21DF Upper Fix

Totals for the week: 14 Miles

Goals for this week: 18-20 Miles, increase water intake


Travis: I’m focusing on keeping up my conditioning after training for Chicago and NYC this fall, while still taking it a little easier before half marathon training starts again.

Monday 11/30: Off

Tuesday 12/1: 4.5 miles @ 7:30 pace

Wednesday 12/2: 3.1 miles @ 6:18 pace

Thursday 12/3: Off

Friday 12/4: Off

Saturday 12/5: Off

Sunday 12/6: 4.5 miles @ 8:35 pace

Weekly total: 12.1 miles

This upcoming week isn’t slowing down at all. Travis leaves on Thursday for a long weekend hunting trip and the kids and I have a weekend packed with Christmas parties and baby showers!


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