Our 2016 Holiday Gift Ideas – and a Present to One Lucky Reader

Christmas is only ten days away, and while we think we are finished with our shopping there always seems to be one gift that we forget we needed to purchase and end up shopping at the last-minute.

Today we wanted to share some gift ideas for the runner in your life. Keep reading all the way through, we’ve got a giveaway from Holloway to share as well!

Stocking Stuffers:

Road ID– Every runner should have one of these. We seriously can’t recommend them enough! Customize it with a badge or two to match their personality. They even make ID’s that snap onto an Apple Watch and Fitbit or Garmin fitness trackers and watches.

Nuun- A tube or two of a favorite flavor makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

Buff– These are such versatile pieces! With 12 different ways to wear it, a Buff makes a great addition to any runner’s closet!

A Personalized Gift:

What better way to surprise a runner than to commemorate hitting a goal, or celebrating a year of accomplishments? This one can go a couple of different ways.

If you’re the crafty type here’s a fun idea that only takes a short time to make.

I made these last year using the bibs from all of the races that Travis ran in 2015. Rather than cutting up the actual bib I made photo copies and cut them to fit the letters. A couple of layers of mod podge and some dry time (they should at least dry over night, but preferably a couple of days so they’re not tacky feeling) and you’re done!

You can also find a ton of running related gifts online that can easily be personalized. Each year we have a tradition of getting a new ornament for our tree, and I had this one made to commemorate Travis’ (former) PR in Chicago last year.


One final awesome personalized gift idea is to get a race course print made with all the pertinent information to remember the day. These are designed well, hand-made and look great in any room in your house.  I know from experience these are a wonderful gift to receive and will help commemorate that special someone’s hard work and dedication.


New Gear: 

Some awesome new gear is always on someone’s wish list. Here are a few gift ideas we know we would (or have) loved.

Every runner wants a GPS watch. You still don’t need one to enjoy the sport and get healthy but they are nice and provide a ton of useful information. In our household, we would recommend the Garmin Vivoactive lineup of watches. The Vivoactive and the Vivoactive HR are perfect watches for those maybe looking to take their training to a new level. Although not the most expensive or the cheapest available, they are respectably priced and offer way more features than simply time and distance. Be sure to check out our YouTube videos on the Vivoactive HR if you have questions (click the link in our “Connect with Us” section).


When your special someone is logging a lot of miles over the course of 2017, they will need to take every opportunity to recover. May we suggest the best compression socks / sleeves available anywhere. The SLS3 Compression lineup is amazing, affordable and best of all they come in sizes to fit your legs and an array of colors to match your outfit!  IMG_1647

If you run in cold weather like we do, you need a jacket that you can layer and will provide a break from the elements, without weighing too much or being to bulky. Enter, the Raider Softshell Jacket by Holloway Sportswear. This lightweight and weather-resistant jacket will become a staple for all your outdoor activities no matter the time of year.



Our friends at Holloway Sportswear have offered us a Raider Softshell Jacket (the men’s version is here and the women’s is here) to give away to one of our readers! Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, that’s up to you! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment telling us one thing on your Christmas List
  2. Follow @hollowaysportswear on Instagram and leave a comment telling us you did
  3. Follow @taleof2halfs on Instagram and leave a comment telling us you did!

The giveaway will run through December 21 and we’ll update this post with the winner. Good luck!


Congratulations to Maggie for winning the Holloway Sports Raider Softshell Jacket!

Friday Five 1/15: Five Favorite Ways To Relax

Good morning! We hope you’ve had a great week! I feel like we’ve been going non-stop since we got back from Michigan and we’re both exhausted! All of last week was devoted to planning the kids party and then we had company in town and this week has been full of meetings for Parker’s school. Travis will be leaving shortly for nearly 3 weeks worth of training so we’re trying to get caught up on things around here before he is gone.

At the end of a long week we love to be able to unwind during the weekend.  This weekend we’ve got some fun things planned! Travis is going to take Parker skating again and I have plans to visit a local winery with a friend.

We’re linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five to talk favorites. Since its been such a crazy couple weeks I’m sharing our favorite ways to relax.

  1. Board games: this is one of our favorite things to do! We tend to get a little competitive with one another. I don’t think I’ve ever beat Travis in scrabble and the game Mad Gab has been banned by just about everyone that has ever played with me as I am undefeated. Cards Against Humanity has been a recent favorite as well. Parker is old enough now that we’re able to sit and play some games with him as well. He loves the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel game!
  2. Cathching up on our favorite TV shows: This one doesn’t happen too often as evidenced by our extremely full DVR that contains shows from last season still. Some favorites include The Blacklist, New Girl and anything on TGIT (seriously, Shonda Rimes is a genius!).
  3. Exercise: this may not seem very relaxing but it’s a fantastic way to shake off a long day and clear our minds. Our new treadmill is being delivered today and I’m counting the minutes!image
  4. Projects: we both have a bit of a DIY bug. Travis is currently building a toy box for Peyton (he also built one for Parker for his first birthday. It’s tradition and hopefully the kids will be able to keep the chests as they grow up.). I’m learning to crochet and love sewing and other craft projects. I just finished a baby blanket for a friend that took well over a month to finish. I like that I can crochet and still follow a TV show at the same time.
  5. Video Games: This one is all Travis. I have a hard time understanding how it’s relaxing to him with all of the cursing that ends up being directed at the TV, haha!

What’s your favorite board game?

Who wants to play Mad Gab with me?


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