Welcome to 2016!

We would like to take a moment and say thank you to our readers for their support in 2015. We started Tale of 2 Halfs as a fun outlet – a place for us to ramble, vent, debate and enlighten. We are grateful for our engaging readers and glad you come back week after week.

Our family ended the year with a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The drive home never gets shorter and often gets tougher on us as the parents. We’re not able to stay awake as long as we used to! Both children did very well traveling given the circumstances with only the youngest giving us any grieve when she was hungry.

We made it home a little after 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve and got very little sleep as the kids were up early. Over the next few days we split our time between families to ensure everyone got to see us over the holidays. The kids loved getting to open presents all day long on Christmas and had to have each item removed from the packaging as soon as possible.

While we were home we celebrated each child’s birthday with family, friends, presents and of course cake.


We didn’t get any workouts in until after Christmas, nor did we workout as much as we would have liked given the holiday and birthday goodies. We used many excuses, some actually valid, to justify missing our workouts. Here is what we managed to do:


12/26 – 3.90 miles @ 7:42 pace

12/28 – 5.00 miles @ 7:16 pace

12/30 – 3.60 miles @ 8:16 pace

Yearly Mileage Total: 1,303.35

01/02 – 6.20 miles @ 8:00 pace


12/26 – 2 miles & 21-Day Fix Dirty Thirty

12/28 – 3 miles

12/29 – 3.50 miles

12/30 – 3 miles with 21-Day Fix Plyo & Abs

Yearly Mileage Total: 324.95

01/03 – 2 miles

As you can see, not much in terms of hard or difficult workouts. It was a shocker to both Jen and I when we totaled our yearly mileage the vast difference between us. It definitely shows just how much she compromised last year and why she’s going for a big goal this year.

We have begun our #RuntheYear challenge and although we are off to a slow start, we will be back on pace soon. To make things easier on us both this year, we are anxiously awaiting our new Proform Premier 900 treadmill. This should alleviate issues with the winter weather and shorter days and allow us to both get our runs in, if only on the hamster wheel!

What is a specific fitness challenge you have for 2016?

Friday Five 10/23: Five Things We Love

It’s Friday! We hope you’re having a great week! We’ve been prepping for some family that’s visiting in the next week plus Halloween! Parker has been working on getting into character for his costume for quite a while now. He’s going to be a pirate! I’ve been told to swab the deck or walk the plank more times than I can count!

In typical Friday fashion, We’re linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five. This weeks theme is things we love.

1. Books – There isn’t a much better way to relax than to curl up with a cup of good coffee and a book you can’t put down. I most recently finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and am getting ready to jump into Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I love keeping a running list of books to read and am definitely open to suggestions if you have any!

2. Watching my kids learn new things – with Parker being school aged now and Peyton just about 10 months, they’re both learning things at a rapid rate. I love picking Parker up from school and listening to the new songs that he’s learning, or most recently about which of the five senses they learned about that day. Peyton has started crawling and is definitely taking a hands on approach to figuring out the world. She can usually be found clearing off the nearest bookshelf or table to examine its contents.image

3. Crafts – It all started with scrapbooking (which I don’t have the time to do anymore, unfortunately) and has moved to making birthday decorations, sewing (usually blankets) and occasional painting. For the life of me though, I cannot learn to crochet! I’ve tried watching videos and following along but for whatever reason I just cannot do it. I’m taking my first paint class next week with a group of friends and am excited to see the outcome!

4. Wine – Not just drinking it! For the past couple of years we have ventured into making our own batches of wine via kits. It’s kind of like a little science experiment in our basement, haha! We live in a region that has a ton of wineries and we love being able to stop in to one on occasion for a tasting. One of our absolute favorites is Goose Watch out of Cayuga Lake, NY. They have a tasting room in Lake Placid that we are sure to stop in every time we’re there. If you’re into sweeter wines their Red Fox is to die for!

5. Volleyball – I played for a few years in High School and now currently get to play every Thursday evening during the school year on a women’s league. My team is made up mostly of Wives from Travis’ work and we’re not all that great (our team name is Hit or Miss if that’s any indication) but it’s fun to get out and do something different and spend some time with girlfriends each week.


1. My Family – not trying to be cliché here but after hard long days in law enforcement, it’s great to come home to family who makes me laugh and smile .

2. Sports – Whether playing or watching, I absolutely love sports. Favorite teams include the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers. I’m also passionate about the Olympics.

3. Hunting – I know all may not agree with this activity but I was raised around hunting, taught to respect the outdoors and wildlife and ultimately imagedeveloped a passion for it I hope to pass down to my son and daughter. My goal is simply food for my family, not trophies, but I sure would love a big wall hanger!

4. Video Games – I might be a husband and father of two, but I am definitely a product of the video game generation – NES, Sega, GameCube, PlayStation and Xbox. Video games are still my guilty pleasure and Call of Duty is still my favorite. My newest pleasure will arrive on November 6th.

5. Campfires – With how crazy life gets, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and roast a marshmallow with friends and family.

What’s the last book you read?
Have a great weekend!

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