The Two Halfs

wp-1455462740011.jpgHis Half

I’ve been a runner since middle school. I started out running track – I loved the hurdles – and then ran cross-country my final two years of high school. However, college came and went without me running so much as the length of a football field and I didn’t start running again until 2013. I got back into running on a challenge to run a 5k at a local event. When I felt like death at the finish line, I decided it was time to get back into shape and began to slowly start training. I ran my first marathon in 2014 the week I turned 30! Nowadays I continue to run – I run for my health and to show my kids a healthy active lifestyle is good. I run for my own sanity from a stressful job. I run to support amazing people and causes. Finally, I run for the competition my competitive soul craves as I begin to creep up in years.

Her Half

I was never a runner. IMG_0565In fact, I always said I hated running.  What started out as a bucket list item turned into registering for my first half marathon when I was barely able to run a mile. My first half marathon was the Disney Princess Half in 2014 followed quickly by the Syracuse Half and the Nike Women’s Half DC which I ran with Team in Training. I was sidelined for a while due to pregnancy complications and recovery but was able to run two half marathons in 2015. I’m back to training now and I’m coming into 2016 with some big goals. I’ve decided that this will be the year that I’m chasing down a goal of running my first full marathon which I will be doing at the Chicago Marathon in October as a member of Team Up! with Autism Speaks.

Two Half’s Make a Whole

Originally from Michigan, we now call upstate New York home. We’ve been married for what seems like 26.2 miles but then we remember we’ve only been at it for a 10k. Together we are parents to two amazing children – Parker,5 and Peyton, 2.


In recent years, we have become advocates for Team Up! with Autism Speaks. When our son was diagnosed at a young age, we felt very drawn to support Autism Speaks through their Team Up program. Through our efforts we have helped make a difference, met amazing people along the way and shared our passion, and our story, with others.

Our efforts are multiplied as we are the Organizers/Race Directors of the Piece by Piece 5k Walk/Run. It is Autism Speaks firm belief that, working together, we will find the missing pieces of the puzzle. We are committed to raising the funds necessary to support these goals. The cause is bigger than the obstacles……but Piece by Piece we will succeed.

We both run as members of Team SLS3 and are also both active in the IRun4 groups and we each have a buddy, brothers in fact!

7 thoughts on “The Two Halfs

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  1. You are so lucky that you and your hubby share your love of running.

    I too have a IRUN4 buddy. What a great program.

    I live in Albany. Where do you live. We may have similar weather.

    I run half marathons but since am afraid to commit to a full. Good for you!!


  2. Love your about section!

    Your family is too cute!!

    Good for you guys connecting with a cause that is near and dear to you all! Such passion!

    Yeah 1RUN4….#IRUN4Noah and love every step I take for him 🙂

    Nice to get to know you all a bit better by reading this!


  3. Love this! And that is fantastic that you are both in IR4! I have a buddy as well! Such a fabulous group to be a part of!
    I applaud you for going after a full! Get it girl! I began my running journey in Chicago and have so many fond race memories! The Chi-marathon is a great race!


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